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Meet the Illustrators!

James Johnstone

James Johnstone is an illustrator living in Australia.  G'day mate!

Andzej Wroblewski

Andzej Wroblewski is a Polish citizen and resides in Bydgosz, Poland. Andzej a well-known illustrator throughout Poland as his delightful illustrations grace books, magazines and educational materials that span the last 25 years of his career.  In 2015, Andrej will bring two more Tee adventures to life!

Serpil Ural

Serpil Ural, a Turkish citizen who resides in Ankara, Turkey. She is an accomplished children's book author and illustrator, having had over 50 chidren's books published throughout her career. Serpil is well-known in Turkey and well-loved by readers of all ages. She brought little Kucuk to life in The Seven Fairy Mountains of Cappadocia, as well as kindhearted Laura, in Laura's Little Red Birds. We hope Serpil will have time to illustrate a new Twinkle Truth book in 2015.

Kirsten Lauer Karahan

Kirsten Lauer Karahan is a third culture adult who loves to incorporate her world travels into her art work. Kirsten lives in Ankara, Turkey, where she teaches elementary school and freelances as an artist.  You can learn more about Kirsten by visiting her website at  The sequel to The Eskisehir Duck is hoped to debut in 2015.

Ilkcan Duzel

Ilkcan Duzel is a Turkish citizen who resides in Ankara, Turkey. She is a graphic designer as well as a wonderful artist. Her artistic talent is shared with budding Middle School art students whom she teaches at one of Ankara's finest private schools. Ilkcan's illustrations for The Persnickety Wizard are delightful, and plan to enjoy new ones for the sequel, due out in 2015.

Jacek Caputa

Jacek Caputa is a Polish citizen and resides in Warsaw, Poland. Having painted hundreds of outstanding pieces of art, he is well- known and loved throughout Poland and abroad. Through his illustrations, Jacek brought great warmth and charm to the story, Jessie and the Tooth Fairy for Twinkle Truth Publications.

Wenli D. Kressin

Wenli began sketching just over one year ago, immediately creating beautiful icons and painted rocks, all from just one course!  Her natural talent shines through her illustrations for 'Says Who? Me, I Do!'  Ecology awareness is one of Wenli's passions.

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